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Diwali Sweets to Gurgaon

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Online sweets delivery in Gurgaon

Cattle and milch cattle, especially cows, are considered holy and are revered in India. Hinduism is perhaps the only religion in the world where certain animals as the vahanas (meaning vehicles) of the Gods are worshipped just like the Gods themselves. The distance that separates Man from Animal or from God is the least in Hinduism. Different life forms including animals are considered the manifestations of the same cosmic power defined as Brahman or Atman.

Since cows are also considered to be another roop (form or incarnation) of Goddess Lakshmi - the presiding deity of the Deepavali festivities -cows are specially revered, decorated, fed well and worshipped during the festival where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in Hindu homes across the length and breadth of the nation as well as foreign countries where Indians live.

Cattle worship on the occasion of Dhanteras and Diwali is however prevalent mostly in South India. The other interpretation of cow worship during Dhanteras is that cows have historically been one of the primary forms of wealth for the agricultural communities in India. If the crops succeed and if the cattle multiply and are well fed and taken good care of, the agriculturalists entire family benefits and prospers. Therefore, on the occasion where prayers are offered for long term wealth and prosperity, it is only fitting that gau mata is also worshipped by the Hindus of South India.

On Diwali, which is the primary festival for Hindus all over the world, it is traditional to get together with friends and family to spend a few days together in enjoyment, piety and in strengthening the bonds that hold us all together regardless of the physical distances between people in the modern age. Send Diwali Gifts to India to your friends, relatives and acquaintances to express your love and wishes for them. You can do this conveniently through ordering online Diwali gifts from a reliable and secure gifts portal. What's more, one can even send Diwali sweets to India through a good quality portal. When one celebrates traditions and customs using modern day tools provided by technology, one experiences a wonderful feeling of continuity and wholesomeness. Choose a gifts portal that has a good range of gifts, a good track record of doing this sort of work earlier and has a Verisign logo also on its financial transaction related web pages to ensure that you have a good experience of ordering online Diwali gifts.

Send Sweets to Gurgaon

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