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Rakshabandhan is a Hindu and Jain festival which is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Shravan. Due to celebration in Shravan (Savan), it is also called Shravani (Sawani) or Saloono. Rakhi or Dhakshatra is most important in defense. From raw materials such as rakhi raw yarn to colorful artwork, silk thread, and gold or silver item. Rakhi usually binds the brothers only, but the Brahmins, the gurus and the families honored by small girls in the family (such as the daughter by the father) also get involved. Occasionally a leader or a respected person is publicly attached to Rakhi.

Now the tradition of tie-up the trees for nature conservation has also begun. In India, the male members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh fold each other with saffron color for mutual brotherhood. All religions of Hindu religion While styling the dhakshatra in rituals, Karmakandi Pandit or Acharya pronounce a verse in Sanskrit, in which the sacrifice of the armed forces is sacrificed by King Bali Area is clearly visible. According to the fulfillment of the prophecy, Devguru Jupiter, the protector made by Indran, built the following Swastika (the shloka is the object of defense for restoring) on the hands of Indra.

Yen Bindo Baliraja Danvendro Mahabal: | Running on the fly in the right direction.||

The Hindi verse of this verse is: "I will bind you with the same formula that was attached to the great powerful demon king Raja Bali." Rakshi (Rakhi)! You remain firm (you never get distracted by your resolution). "

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Girls and women decorate the pooja thali after retiring from the morning bath. Ragi with rice or turmeric, rice, lamp, sweets and some money are also in the plate. Boys and men get ready to sit in a puja or some suitable place to get criticized. First worshiped god is worshiped, after this, criticizing brother by roli or turmeric, the rice is applied on the vaccine and sprinkled on the head, its aartis is removed, the rakhi is tied on the right wrist and on the right-hand side They are distributed among the poor. In many provinces of India, there is also the practice of putting Bhojali or Bhuji on the ears of the brother. Gives gifts or money to siblings Thus, after the completion of the rituals of protection, food is eaten. Like every festival, the specialty of the gifts and the special diet of food is also important in the defense. Usually, lunch is important and the tradition of fasting by the sisters until the ritual of the restoration is completed is also a tradition. Purohit and Acharya arrive at the host's house in the morning and bind them with rakhis and in turn receive money, clothes and food. This festival is so broadly and deeply covered in the Indian society that it has social significance, religion, mythology, history, literature and even films are not untouched by it.


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All Rakhi order go with Along with a handmade Rakhi message paper card & Tilak (Roli, Rice & Mishri)



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